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Bargain Hunting? Don’t Forget About the Senior Discount

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by Alli Thomas

Sep 11, 2018

It’s a well-documented fact that Baby Boomers are a driving force in the retail sector. Right now, 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 each day – a trend that is expected to hold through 2029.


According to research from Visa, Americans over age 60 will continue making a huge impact on consumer spending for the next decade, as Boomers are also deferring retirement, maintaining higher levels of debt, and shelling out more on travel and discretionary items than previous generations.


That doesn’t mean people of a certain age shouldn’t still hunt for bargains. And there are deals for seniors on everything from dining out and entertainment to shopping and travel.


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Available Resources

One of the best resources for finding senior discounts is The Senior List. This website gives older consumers the scoop on getting discounts at restaurants, grocery stores, home-improvement and other retail stores, hotels, car rentals, and even on prescription medication.


You’ll Probably Have to Ask

When shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, don’t just assume a senior discount will be offered; in most cases, older shoppers must request it. That’s because many stores train their employees not to assume customers’ ages in an attempt to avoid offending them.


Be Sure to Stay Disciplined

While scoring deals can give retirees a rush, it’s important that older consumers practice discipline when “stimulating the economy,” as my mother likes to refer to her (admittedly infrequent) shopping sprees. After leaving the workforce, retirees tend to have a lot more idle time on their hands. Some find themselves watching home-shopping network programs or surfing the web, where it’s easy to get sucked into making unnecessary purchases.


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Alli Thomas

Alli Thomas has worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years, with a focus on retirement-related investing. She began her career as a FINRA-licensed participant-services call-center associate at Vanguard, and then moved to Principal Financial Group, where she worked closely with employers, assisting with retirement plan set-up and design, selecting appropriate plan investment offerings, and maximizing employee participation through targeted education campaigns and enrollment meetings. Alli has also worked as a qualified 401(k) administrator and registered investment advisor for several small investment firms. She now writes about all things investment- and finance-related, leveraging her extensive experience and passion for retirement planning to help investors make well-informed financial decisions.

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