To Inform and to Educate

Retirement Tips was created by the cooperative of financial professionals behind the Retirement Wealth Academy to offer the public unbiased, relevant, and up-to-date retirement tips, news, and advice.

Our Mission

We aim to bring light and clarity to the seemingly complex world of retirement. Smart investing is not exclusive to the wealthy. With the proper education and effort, it can be simple and even fun.

Our goal is to provide you with information that helps you achieve a financially secure and stress-free retirement.

Our Team

Our financial advisor network has decades of combined experience, starting with the founders of the Retirement Wealth Academy – Jason Wenk, Rick White, and Wes White. Jason is the author of “Smarter Than Wall Street” and “4 Investor Headwinds;” he also founded Retirement Wealth Advisors, a Registered Independent Advisor firm that today manages over $3 billion of assets. Rick and Wes own a successful financial advisory firm, North Carolina-based Patriot Wealth Management.

At the end of the day, what most people want is not just to accumulate as much money as possible—but to enjoy a great life, and make as big an impact in the lives of people and causes that are important to them with the money they do have.

Jason Wenk, Founder

Discover how you can gain confidence and clarity in your retirement.

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