The future of financial planning

Gain insight into how your retirement plan may perform in the future with our powerful simulation, and what you can do to potentially improve upon it.


Anualized Return



Stress test
your retirement

We'll test your portfolio with 1,000 different market scenarios. This analysis takes into account your goals, income and expenses, fees and taxes, Social Security, and current holdings to determine your chances of making it through retirement.

Avoid products
that don’t work


Analysis complete


The name Results in Advance Planning comes from the ability to test different strategies before you make changes to your finances so you can see how they may work in advance. This helps you avoid buying into bad financial products that you might later regret.

Build your ideal lifestyle

Based on your results, we'll show you what tweaks could be made to your spending habits, retirement age, investment holdings, and several other factors to help you build a better retirement.

Transparent and objective feedback

We’ve run thousands of plans, 11,949 to be exact, so we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We realize financial planning has been sorely abused by many professionals, so we set out to fix it with Results in Advance Planning. We discovered what investors really want.

What it should be:

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    Administered by an unbiased, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor who has a legal obligation to look out for your best interest

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    A thorough and objective test of your current situation, which aims to make as few transactions as possible

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    An educational process that shows you how to manage your own money

What it shouldn't be:

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    A high-pressure sales tactic in disguise

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    An attempt to replace what already exists with higher cost products and fees

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    So complicated it takes a PhD in Finance to understand

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